Wheel Balancer

Manufacturer: Werther International
Model: Galaxy 1680PL

Computerised Wheel Balancer

Computerised wheel balancer with colour monitor for cars, motorcycles and light commercial vehicles. A wheel balancer to meet your every need, the 1680PL is a compact and versatile microprocessor wheel balancer that will get the job done right every time.

Features are:
Self-diagnosis and self calibration
User-friendly cover panel with weight holder
Automatic measurement of wheel diameter and distance
5 programs ALU for dynamic balancing with adhesive weights
programs for static balancing (with spring weights
or adhesive weights)
2 special programs for PAX tyres with mm measures
Three-operators function
Unbalance optimisation
Brake pedal
Laser sensor measuring eccentricity
Electro-mechanical locking wheel device

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the werther galaxy 1680PL wheel balancer

This versatile and compact microprocessor wheel balancer is ideal for the busy workshop. The Spin Unit derives from the superior models of the B-Series and provides functional features typical of the upper models, including reduced cycle time, measuring wheels weighing up to 75kg and wheel balancing with inside offset of up to 275mm without using spacers. The innovative drive and zero maintenance ensure maximum reliability.

Low rotation speed, double spinning and automatic spin button allow the machine to sue used without wheel guard in EEC area, with the electronic input of wheel diameter and distance with positioning adhesive weights at 3-6-12 o’clock settable by the user and an automatic brake to stop the wheel at the end of the spin.

Automatic Position Search (RPS: automatic wheel positioning in the point where the balancing weight has to be applied) and electrical positioning brake, thanks to the wide space between body and flange, the inner part of the wheel is easily accessible for cleaning and weight positioning (option ALU weight holder clip).

Loaded with features including, automatic balancing with electronic brake at the end of the spin, unbalance display in grams or ounces, multiple types of balancing available, OPT flash program, general utility programs: Calibration, servicing, self-diagnostics, as well as three independent working environments that allow three operators to work in parallel.

The LCD monitor, ideal for displaying high resolution graphics and dedicated software is coupled with a user friendly keyboard. Upon request, the control weight programme suite is available which includes minimal weight. This software allows a significant reduction of balancing weights, through the analysis of different threshold values, according to the vehicle type: fast or slow. This is a unique offering on the market.

wheel balancer Eccentricy Program
wheel balancer motor system

Computerised Wheel Balancer

Galaxy 1680PL Wheel Balancer Includes:
3 programs for static balancing
Self-diagnodsis and self calibration
User-friendly cover panel with weight holder

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Auto measure wheel diameter and distance
Wheel in balancing position
4 operators function

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Computerised Wheel Balancer

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Double digital display
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User-friendly cover panel with weight holder

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